In the midst of a biological catastrophe, it's business as usual on planet Earth
Somebody needs to step up...

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Brilliant Disguise - Defenders Of Gaia Book I
Transgenic is the term used to refer to a living organism that has had one or more genes artificially added to it's genetic makeup. The genes that were included could either have been specifically manufactured in a lab or obtained from another species entirely. A more familiar term for this procedure would be 'genetic engineering'.
Naturally there is some controversy surrounding the creation of transgenic organisms and whilst we should all be aware of the implications and discussing the ethical questions it raises, the technology is already widely in use and by now, is quite frankly unstoppable. Like just about every other useful advancement, it will be used for both good and less good purposes.
When you consider the mind-boggling array of life forms we're blessed with on this planet, all shaped by the hit and miss process of evolution, it is of course extremely exciting to contemplate the potential a technique like this raises. The random nature of genetic recombination and mutations can now be bypassed, with specific outcomes in mind.
Inevitably, the existing diversity of life could certainly be at risk when transgenic organisms are released, unmonitored into the ecosystem. If they have a survival advantage or any other biological edge over naturally occurring species, they could potentially out-compete the non-modified organisms and drive them to extinction. As a result, some international agreements such as the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety have been made, presenting guidelines for protecting current biodiversity from transgenic organisms.
In , Andy uses transgenics to further his aims for this planet. Good or bad? You decide.

Johan's Short Guide to Colorful Afrikaans Sayings
Babelas:Hung over.
Bosbefok:Erratic behavior or state induced by having spent too much time involved in bush or guerrilla warfare. Literally translated as bush-fucked.
Doos:Used to describe someone you don’t like. If you’re in the UK, ask Kevin Pietersen. Otherwise, it’s literally translated as ‘box’, but refers somewhat crudely to a portion of female anatomy. Not a compliment.
Eina:Ouch/Ow. Exclamation of pain.
Fok:Fuck. Also fuck’n – you get the idea.
Jou lekker ding:You nice/good/beautiful thing.
Los my:Leave me alone/let go of me.
Mampoer:A South African version of moonshine. A homemade, fruit-based version of brandy. Also called – white lightning. Handle with care.
Snotspoed:Literal translation is ‘snot speed’, i.e. the speed of snot. Sneezes have allegedly been measured as traveling at 100 miles or 161 kilometers per hour - so pretty damn fast.